If you are seasoned professional wishing to join a network of talented professionals who contribute to the development of local content of oil & Gas industry and mining in African countries we are the right place for you.
If After long years of services in the academics, industry, financial institutions or policy & strategic management organizations, you are retired and wish to continue contributing to the development of Oil & Gas, mining and renewable energies industry in Africa and share your knowledge with younger professionals, we are very happy to welcome you on board.
Our trainers are capable of passing even most complex topics through their audience. They are exercising experts and retired professionals in the following areas:

  • Ingénierie pétrolière
  • Économie et politique pétrolière
  • Géosciences du pétrole
  • Technologies de l'information et de la communication
  • Énergies renouvelables, énergie solaire
  • Les énergies renouvelables, le vent
  • Renouvelable, Biogaz
  • Gestion de projet
  • Développement des entreprises et des organisations
  • Économie et finances
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“The African Local Content People”

Nous sommes un réseau de professionnels hautement qualifiés et expérimentés dans les domaines de du Management Stratégique et de l'ingénierie, des affaires, du e-business et de la recherche du financement