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Building the nexus of the oil and gas industry in Africa together

Petro-Alliance is establishing itself as the nexus of Oil and Gas industry development in Africa. It provides a platform for identifying consultancy and training needs of oil and gas operators, contractors, National oil companies, government agencies and other institutions. It aims at bringing together Universities, Operators, SME/SMI contractors, national oil companies and banking and financial institutions to workout solutions for increasing Local Content of petroleum industry in African countries.  It further aims at identifying needs for research in oil and gas technical and commercial areas and workout means to finance research projects. In this way it will provide a vehicle for oil and gas  development by getting companies (NOC, IOC’s and Contractors) to join resources together to carry out training and research activities at affordable costs, which otherwise could be very prohibitive if these activities were carried out alone by each organisation. NOC’s and IOC’s and Universities are specially invited to participate in the platforms and its programs to promote Local Content development and technology transfer.

Features & Benefits

is the fast and cost effective development of local human resources to make manpower less costly and manpower availability easier. Another benefit will be the opportunity to jointly initiate and develop projects with NOC’s, Universities and other companies. Through these they can effectively deploy the strategies of their corporate social responsibility and ensure their corporate sustainability at reduced costs.

and government agencies is also the cost-effective development of the human resources and easy manpower availability as well as appropriate definition of their social responsibility policies and orientation of their social responsibility strategies. Furthermore it is a platform to generate effective and quick answers to some problems and identify researching needs in areas that will fill knowledge and technology gaps for oil and gas development in their countries.

is the availability of IOC’s, NOC’s and other organizations, as partners in identifying training and research needs on one hand and in supporting human resources development and research on the other.

is the availability of a platform where they can meet and interact effectively with oil and gas industry players, acquire insight in the oil and gas business and identify investment opportunities.

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“The African Local Content People”

We are a network of highly qualified and experienced professionals in strategic management and Engineering, Business, e-business, and Financing.