The Diaspora Business Centre

Having spent years abroad and far from the local realities in Cameroon, Cameroonians would tend to be discouraged to establish businesses in their country. The discouragement is aggravated by the fact that many have tried numerous unsuccessful initiatives with family members and friends, ending up into hatred and mistrust. Additionally many have had unpleasant experiences with administrative hurdles and the punctuality of the people, whenever they visit Cameroon for few days or weeks. Consequently it is common to hear “I spent two weeks in Cameroon and could not have my documents signed, and so on…” No more, No more!!!. Or “Cameroon? That country?… It is not a place to do business in”.

Similar discouraging statements are also common languages of foreign investors. They tend to dread the slow development of stable policies and strong administrative procedures. In discussion with potential investors, it is common to hear questions like: “how will my investment be secured?” How developed is the capital market? “How is the judiciary systemIs international arbitration an option?” Or “is the country fiscally and politically stable?”

Yet many people, local and foreign investors are successful in doing business in Cameroon. Like in any other place, understanding the business environment and the socio-cultural realities helps significantly to tailor the right strategy for the success of business initiatives. This understanding can best be acquired with experience in doing business in the country.

The DBC capitalizes on our experience in the country to offer customisable support services to Cameroonian of the Diaspora and foreign investors wishing to establish and/or develop their businesses in Cameroon. The support is provided by local experts in entrepreneurship with a detailed knowledge of the context, the business environment, networks, and key business players

Support in Business Creation and Launching

  • Offer entrepreneurs customized solutions adapted to the specificities of their project and the business environment in Cameroon.
  • Assign if needed, to entrepreneurs other agencies or consultants that can provided services that are more suitable to their needs.
  • Help entrepreneurs to understand business leadership in Cameroon and increase their chances of success and improve their access to local capital market.
  • Help entrepreneurs to complete required formalities for setting up their businesses in collaboration with regulatory and government agencies and our network of partners;
  • Enable entrepreneur to benefit from the support of both generalist advisors and specialists of certain areas or sectors.
  • Facilitate the acquisition of all material and information suitable for the development of the project

Advise in Investment and Coaching

We provide advice on the most appropriate investments with respect to specificities and deployment strategies of each project. This is also reflected in selection, marketing, and ongoing monitoring of local and regional investment incentives.

We provide coaching services in organisational development to enable our customers to carry out projects that meet highest expectations in terms of:

  • guarantee of better and smooth integration;
  • formulation of new policies and strategic orientations
  • creation of new activities and innovation

Support in search for funding with local financial institutions

We support in searching for and negotiating credits and other financing possibilities with optimal terms for individual projects. All sorts of financing (investment, treasury, capital restructuring, etc.) are concerned. The essence of our mission is the search for the right partner bank, who will offer the most favourable interest rates. We also consider the whole le funding cycle by integrating notably administration fees, equity guarantees, and any penalties for early repayment in the optimisation process.

Support in Business Development

Our support helps our clients in:

    • Boosting their potential
    • Optimizing their organization
    • Developing business relationships
    • Consolidating business plans
    • Developing leadership

Feasibility and Market Studies Study Services

We rely on our network of experts to study technical feasibility and economic viability of the projects. In a broader perspective, our studies include technical, commercial, economic, legal and organizational aspects.

Service in setting up Business Plans

Our team of professionals produce most concrete, consistent and hierarchized business plans which are acceptable in almost all the local financial institutions.

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“The African Local Content People”

We are a network of highly qualified and experienced professionals in strategic management and Engineering, Business, e-business, and Financing.